Jodi Foster is an intuitive empath, author, TV and radio personality,her story has been featured on the SyFy Channel's Paranormal Witness, episode,The Apartment

If you are into the paranormal, horror, true crime, or spirituality, you will love my debut nonfiction paranormal novel..  






Forgotten Burial: A Cry for Justice from Beyond the Grave. 

So much more than a ghost story, there is a poetry here of the life we all live; the friends we depend on, the small annoyances, the love and pain of family, some scraped knees and some big laughs.

This true paranormal mystery, might just scare the skeptic right out of you, and inspire you at the same time.

A few years back I had a confusing, terrifying, and eye-opening spiritual experience. Shortly after moving into my new apartment, I began to feel the presence of an unknown entity. I was soon plagued with haunting nightmares of abduction, murder, and a secret burial. Lights flashed off and on, the hands of a clock turned, a Sing and Snore Ernie doll yelled, "I feel great! I feel great!", and an angel named "My-Liz" appeared to my young daughter. This was just the first night in a new apartment.

 I thought I was alone, and didn’t know where to turn.  I was raised a Christian, so what I experienced didn’t fit into anything I had been taught to believe. I was scared, and felt alone.  I was afraid to share with anyone about my experience, for fear they might think I was crazy. Heck, I thought I might be crazy.

After finding the courage to share with a few trusted friends about my experience, I realized I wasn’t alone. However… most people were reluctant to share their experiences for the same reasons I was, fear of judgment. Even after talking with friends, I still wasn’t convinced I was sane, so I decided to see a psychologist.

And I am really glad I did.

After a few visits to the psychologist, and after reading books on different spiritual beliefs (and a lot of prayer), together with a psychologist, we determined, my paranormal experiences were the beginning of a spiritual journey to understanding. 

And my experience was actually connected to a real missing person case. A cold case that was connected to an infamous abduction and murder, that made national and international headlines… and known as, The Perfect Victim.

God gives each one of us special experiences and gifts. It is our job to understand our gifts and experience, and use them to the best our abilities.

Those of you, who have come to this site, may be struggling with the same feelings of confusion I had. You may have experienced a haunting, a strange dream, a visit from beyond, or are simply curious about the supernatural, and the paranormal.

You Are Not Alone. 

The number one thing I encourage people to do is, seek support! Pray, meditate, and be a skeptic. Use your own intuitive abilities (we all have them). Always seek the highest good and truth for yourself, and all around you.

May God keep you well in mind, body, and spirit as you read Forgotten Burial, and experience your own spiritual awakening.

Love, Light and Blessing

Jodi Foster


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